Welcome back to my site! I'm so happy you have returned. As this site will be constantly evolving as I find out more or new things about the Street of Lights, you will be well informed by returning. Please click on the links below to see the whole story. Please don't forget to utilize my affiliates when you are doing your internet shopping! Help keep this site going.


I don't want to mislead anyone. Most of the resorts initially helped me but presently none are continuing to do so. Of course the popular theory is that they want the old Vegas to die and my site keeps it alive.


Because of a bad experience, I have been forced to create Terms and Conditions for contributing to this site. Please read them here. I don't mean to offend anyone but I have to do what I have to do to protect myself and this site. Yes, this sounds like a 4 year old wrote it but when I "legally" wrote it, everyone was intimidated so I simplified it the best I could.


Our very own Sam Melchionne who played in the Desert Inn's Sky Room and Sahara's Don The Beachcomber did some house cleaning and he is selling some of his Saharan magazines which was published by the Sahara. If you are interested in any of these, please e-mail Sam for cost, etc. Keep in mind some of these issues have Sam's picture in them. I haven't asked him but I'm sure he would autograph your purchase.

November, 1964 January, 1965 March 1965 May, 1965 June, 1965
July, 1965 December, 1965 February, 1967 April, 1967

There was a magazine type publication printed in 1953 and 1954 that was given complimentary to the hotels/resorts in Miami, Florida. This type of magazine was very similar to the Fabulous Las Vegas magazines that were given complimentary to the resorts in Vegas but the paper was glossy, more like what we see on People magazines now. If anyone knows the name of this Miami based magazine, or has any of the actual magazines, please contact me. Believe it or not, this does have something to do with the Las Vegas Strip. Many thanks!

August 12, 2007 - Okay, folks, I'm slowing but surely getting the new computer, MS Vista, and my programs to kiss and makeup. I hope to have them all playing together soon. I'm also hoping to be able to update the site extensively soon. Unfortunately beween me having surgery, and work obligations, it is going to be a long haul. Even though Vista is getting along with my encryption site it looks like I have to redesign it - not so you notice but the way it works. Therefore, you may come across some links that don't work. That's because I haven't gotten to them yet. If you want to travel to another resort and the link doesn't work from whatever page you are on, go back to the main page. Sorry for the inconvenience but the internal redesign of the site is going to take a very long time.

I'm also copying all of Cathie Bryant's documents for my tribute page to Jack & Etta Cortez and getting the documents back to Cathie soon.

Of course the big news of the day is the closing of the New Frontier. Yes, folks, at 12:01am on July 16th she closed forever. After all the years of dodging the death penalty she has given up. Phil Ruffin received such an incredible amount of money for her though that I think this is exactly how she would want to go out - on the top of the pay scale.

As you know, I've always rooted for the daughter of the second Lady on the Strip and always cheered each time she was left standing. I even made it a point to stay at the Frontier one night last year but I have to admit I feel this old lady is quite happy to be going out like she is. Ruffin is happy, employees are happy, yep, I think even Bill Moore would approve of this sale. Anyway, you can read about her sale on her page.

I'm hoping to get back to working on the site soon and I have a couple of donation plaques to put up as well (many thanks to Loren Kaiser and Robert Sanford).

May 21, 2007 - Hi everyone! Just a short update to let you know that I haven't stopped working on the website, just delayed.

After 7 long years my computer finally decided he wanted to give up and he did just that. I bought a new one and it has Vista as the OS. Now let me tell you, I keep saying "I love Bill Gates" so I won't wish him bad thoughts!! None of my programs worked with it. Even doing the compatible tab didn't do anything (thanks Loren for telling me anyway.) I couldn't work on my site because my website program didn't work, Paint Shop Pro didn't work, my scanner didn't work, and my encryption program didn't work. I've had to get a new website program but I did get Paint Shop Pro, the scanner, and my e-mail program to work. Still not working - the encryption program.

I promise to begin working on the site as soon as Vista and my programs get along. Now I'm not asking for a love affair, just simple holding hands here.

I can tell you that the Riviera is "cutting back" and let our very own John Neeland go on March 19, 2007. I won't give you my personal opinion on this but you can probably guess.

Anyway, I'll get back to you once my computer and OS is working harmoniously together. I've also booked to go back to Vegas Sept. 16-20th staying at the Trop.

March 4, 2007 - I've been putting in the future history of the Ladies of the Strip and first being that on February 27, 2007, the name change went on changing the Barbary Coast to Bill's Gambling Hall and Saloon. I know little of the changes happening to this little lady right now other than the name change of the Lounge and Sports Book.

I added more information to Project CityCenter which will be on the Boardwalk property.

I had quite a bit of information regarding the 1980 MGM Grand fire but I only put the bare essentials up. I finally got around to adding everything I have thus far. Still missing a couple of victims though.

I've also added some information for 2007 to both the Riviera's page as well as the Crazy Girl page which is listed under the Riv's page.

In 1960 Adam Magazine compiled an expose on Thunderbird's Ecstasy on Ice. I've included part of that expose along with the pictures on the Thunderbird's page.

February 19, 2007 - I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!!! I have a new advertiser and I hope you visit their sites. They are advertised on top of the Dunes' index page, Silver Slipper's index page, and Nob Hill. They are: Plan your Grand Canyon trip with ease at You will find resources for Grand Canyon lodging, or Grand Canyon hiking or take a guided Grand Canyon tour at; has Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas online, find a Grand Canyon helicopter tour or perhaps a Grand Canyon tour by coach. Find scenic Grand Canyon air tours at; and Are you looking for Las Vegas real estate?  We have multiple listings of Las Vegas homes for sale including new homes in Las Vegas and Las Vegas luxury homes at Please remember that this site is now existing almost solely on donations and advertisers.

I've also updated the Riviera's page to add so far all the happenings of 2007.

A new article by Charles "Pop" Squires "Building Hoover Dam" has been added which can be found off of the Bios page under June 8, 1957.

I've also added various info and pics from 1957 to the Dunes page

December 27, 2006 - Happy Holidays to you all and I wish you all a safe & happy New Years Eve!

First a want to welcome a new advertiser to this site - Spin Palace Casino. As it says on the main page "Now you can experience all the fun and excitement of a Las Vegas casino from the comfort of your own home at Spin Palace Casino. There are no dress codes at Spin Palace, so they don't mind if you like to gamble in your dressing gown and with over 210 casino games, they've got something for every type of gambler. This casino offers, slots, blackjack, video poker, roulette and craps as well as progressive jackpots that regularly climb north of $1,000,000! The software is free to download and the customer support is amongst the best a person can come across so if you're looking to gamble online make sure you check out Spin Palace." Please check out their site!

Our own Mike Christ was able to go through the now empty Stardust and took a couple of pictures which he is sharing with all of us. These pics can be found on the Stardust's page. I think it is so sad to see a resort that had tons of people in her now deserted, with the slot machines gone, and so lonely looking. Thanks Mike for sharing these pictures with us.

I've also been updating the Riv's page including her still having some New Year's reservations open and the reason why the Fab Four show had to be temporarily closed down. Let's think good thoughts for John Lennon clone Peter George's wife and son.

I've also updated Nelson Sardelli's page which is located off of the Thunderbird's page. He is also part of the FIORE - Fun Italians Organizing Ridiculous Events. Please check out this site. I've also added it to my Links page.

November 27, 2006 - I hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day!!! Well, since I last updated this website the Strip lost not one but two of its elder ladies. The Stardust closed on November 1, 2006 and of course, since the 8th Lady on the Strip - Royal Nevada, was swallowed up by the Stardust, she is also now gone. I know we are all saddened by the loss of these two ladies and I've received plenty of e-mails from people showing shock and sadness of their untimely deaths. I just added the closing and the auction facts on the Stardust's page.

I received a donation to my site but the person doesn't want their name mentioned. They just wanted to say In Memory of the Stardust so I created a special plaque and you can see it on my Donation Plaque. I want to thank this person for their donation. Because of all these wonderful donations I've been able to get my hands on some great items of which I'll be adding to this site.

With the holiday season here I was able to get the 1964 Christmas issue of the Las Vegas Magazine. I have placed the two articles and holiday wishes under Fabulous Las Vegas Magazine's Christmas issue in the Miscellaneous Section of my site.

October 29, 2006 - Well, hello everyone! I hope your summer was fantastic! I know you haven't heard from me for awhile and I do apologize. Since moving to Palmdale and my daily hours changing to getting up at 4am and returning home 8pm I just don't have the time I once had. Of course weekends are filled with the ordinary grocery shopping, cleaning, vet's, etc., so time is indeed short. Hopefully I can get my act together to at least work on the site once a month.

Another problem I had was a lack of funds. But I had some great people step in and donate to the site so I was able to obtain great information which I need to put on the site. Their names are on my Donation Plaque but I want to thank Loren Kaiser, James Geddes, Robert Sanford, Gill Strand, Diane Yule, Jerry Garrity, and Michael Cordero for their generous donations. It really did help me get some information the site needed!

I did manage to get to Vegas on September 24th to attend the "Old Timers Banquet". Every year I tried to go and every year I couldn't but this year our own Mike Christ got me in so I did get to go. Unfortunately I got the flu but I did document the trip as much as I could on my Vegas Trip Section.

I also updated the Riviera's page as much is happening with her since the purchase. The biggest item is that their trademark show Splash had its last showing on September 30, 2006.

I'm still working on the site including scanning all the things Cathie Bryant lent me for Jack and Etta Cortez' section, the e-book on downtown, and all the new information I received thanks to my donators but time is so limited. Anyway, until the next time ------

June 11, 2006 - I'm still working on downtown and the Cortez page but I try to add items when I find them on resorts that are closing. The Royal Nevada, which is now part of the doomed Stardust, closed on New Year's Eve 1956 and re-opened on February 3, 1957. I found information and pictures regarding the re-opening.

I've had my first donation of 2006. Many thanks to Loren Kaiser for your donation. Your plaque has been added to the Donators' Plaque. I've stopped doing research because of my lack of funds so this is a welcome gift. Thank you again!

The Villas (Royal Nevada) at the Stardust closed down Memorial Day weekend. Brad Hanson stayed there and gave his account on the stay and closing and pictures of the Royal Nevada poolside which is on the Stardust's page. This is most disappointing to me as I was planning to book a room there later in the year. Anyway, many thanks to Brad for giving us the outline of his stay! I've also added some information on the Echelon which will take the Stardust/Royal Nevada's place.

I've also added Pop Squire's "Vegas' Best Booster."

April 23, 2006 - I hope you all had a happy holiday!

One revision you will see to this site is the absence of the Change Detection box on the main page. I've noticed that for the past 3 months it isn't notifying anybody so I figured why do I keep it up on the site? I've checked around for another but so far nothing.

I've been updating Nelson Sardelli's page off of the Thunderbird's page and its definitely worth checking out.

I've also added all the new additions to the Riv's page including that she has been sold. The new owners say they won't be imploding her. Only time will tell.

Also, it appears that the Frontier has been given the death sentence again. The daughter of the 2nd Lady on the Strip has dodged the implosion bullet so many times I've lost count but this maybe the end of her luck. Thanks to Carol Knoll for giving me this news bulletin.

I'm not going to be working so much on this site for awhile. As you can see from the Donation Page, contributions have been none and bluntly speaking, I've run out of money to keep the research going so I'm going to do what I already have but the two things I'm going to be working on will be my e-book for downtown which I will be selling from this site as well as the tribute page to Jack and Etta Cortez. Hopefully I make some money from the e-books to keep updating this site. Keep your fingers crossed.

April 3, 2006 - With the demise of the Stardust/Royal Nevada, I have concentrated in updating the Stardust's page, especially facts from 1954 to 1958.

Of course while locating these facts others would pop up so I also added tidbits of information from 1955 to the El Rancho, Frontier, and Riviera. I also added information from 1953 to the Royal Nevada, 1963 and 1965 to Desert Inn, and 1963 to the Sands.

March 12, 2006 - Sorry for the delay but had little time lately to work on the site. My daughter and I did go to Vegas January 22-25, 2006 and I've added our trip with some pictures to my trip page. I also added various pictures to the Ladies on the Strip that were applicable.

As you may know, the last living person of the Durante/Jackson/King act has passed on. Yes, Sonny King died on February 3, 2006. Nelson Sardelli notified me first with Mike Christ following a close second. I've added Sonny's passing and Nelson words on Nelson's page of my site located off the The Thunderbird page. Of course, since then, Don Knotts, Darren McGavin, and Dennis Weaver has joined him. Freddie Bell will be taking over at Bootlegger and Nelson also has given me that announcement as well as the passing on of Joey Villa, and the marriage of Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt, etc. In other words, I've added all kinds of things to Nelson's page so please check it out. I still need to add some pictures that Nelson needs to send so don't be surprised if you check one day and pictures have been added the next.

We're now going over to the 9th Lady on the Strip, Riviera and adding all the new happenings.

Last but not least, I have cats and boy it is hard finding things to keep them interested when I've gone to work. Well, I found a lady who creates catnip body pillows and my cats love them! I am so impressed that I added her site Love That Cat to my links page. If you want to keep your cats happy, check this out. Great items at great prices.

January 17, 2006 - Well busy week in Vegas with the Boardwalk closing and the Castaways being imploded. Either the Lady Luck downtown has either already closed or is going to close. Funny thing about this is that last week I was working on the Showboat on my e-book for downtown putting in quotes about the opening. Then I find out she was imploded (Castaways was originally the Showboat). Now call that weird. One day scanning pictures of her opening with everyone attending the opening and the next day find out she was gone. Talk about a mental time warp!

Anyway, I put in what little I can find about the Boardwalk closing. There was no big deal about her leaving the Strip family so I had to really hunt to find something. I guess that little lady was not on many favorite list.

Let's go over to a clear favorite - Stardust. I've had plenty of people write in but all write a sentence or two and no "meat" to them that I can add to the site. Then along comes Brad Hanson who wanted to share his memories of Tony Cornero's vision. Well, here was meat and the potatoes with pictures. I asked Brad if I could add his personal memories to her page and he agreed. I want to thank Brad for sharing with all of us what the Stardust meant to him and his wife. If anyone wants to share their memories, pictures or the like they want to share of not only the Stardust, but the Boardwalk or Westward Ho, please feel free to contact me. I can't guarantee that I will put everything on the site but I'm liberal thinking so most memories and/or pics will make it in. Come to think of it, if anyone has memories of the Royal Nevada which is now part of the Stardust, lay it on me. With 2006 proving to be a big closing year for the Ladies on the Strip, memories to share seems to be in order.

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