In 1960, Silver Slipper showcased the Informal Review w/Hank Henry. Slipper changed its show to Eddie Fox present Paris or Bust starring Hank Henry; Alan Clive; Cindy Ember; and George Redman Orchestra. In May of this year it changed to Laugh Capades of 1960 starring Hank Henry/Sally Rand/Red Marshall/Sparky Kaye/Danny Jacobs/The Slipperettes/George Redman & his Orchestra/Dick Weston. In July of 1960, it showcased Eddie Fox presents Funzapoppin of 1960 starring Hank Henry/Faith Dane/Kay Brown/Red Marshall/Sparky Kaye/Eddie Innes/The Slipperettes/George Redman & His Orchestra/The Madcaps.

Faith Dane performed in Funzapoppin while on vacation from Broadway's Gypsy. It was reported that the bumps and grinds were not unusual, but Dane was doing it while blowing the bugle.

The Gay 90's Lounge showcased Peggy Dietrick; Don Santora & the Car-Tunes; Charlie Teagarden & His Dixieland Jazz Band w/Lori Phillips; Toni & Harry Wham w/Peggy Dietrick.

Not many children knew when they went to school in Vegas that Jo Ann Henry was the wife of Slipper star Hank Henry.

On January 22, 1961, Charlie Teagarden played for the Variety Induction Dinner when Desert Inn's Moe Dalitz was installed as Chief Barker of the local Variety Club Tent No. 39.

In February of 1961, Koby Yee, exotic stripperin the show, forgot to put on her G-string while dressing. During her undress act, after taking off the next to last item, she suddenly realized she was standing there completely nude. Yee made the fastest exit Vegas has ever seen with the male audience applauding like crazy.

In May of 1961, Ed Sullivan visited the Gay 90's Lounge and flipped over Charlie Teagarden. Locals were hoping that this would mean Sullivan would invite Teagarden to appear in his show.

Also during this month, Eddie Fox insisted he worked pretty hard during the Desert Inn's Tournament of Champions. Fox helped Tommy Bolt lose his temper, an action for which Bolt is nationally known so Fox had to see it first-hand.

Slipper's bob Schulze really hit the jackpot when his horse "First Balcony" won the $100,000 Hollywood Handicap.

In August of 1961, Hank Henry and Frontier's Elisa Jayne appeared on Jack Kogan's show. Henry stated "But she didn't play burlesque - I did" Jayne responded "Well, I couldn't pass the physical." This broke up the master Henry.

On August 28, 1961, a farewell testimonial party was thrown for Father Richard Crowley at the Convention Center with entertainment from 10:00pm until dawn. Lou Walters and Harry A. White arranged the party, Stan Irwin and Henry Dunn were the emcees, Bill De Angelis was Stage Manager, and the musicians were provided by Musicians Protective Association, Local 369. Those who appeared at the show were Bogadadis Duo, Shecky Greene, The Dagenham Girl Pipers, The Florence and Fredrick Dancers and Mme. Baron's Can-Can Dancers from Tropicana; Arren and Broderick and Don Urban from the New Frontier; The Barry Sisters and Myron Cohen from Flamingo; The Happy Jesters and The Gimma Brothers from the Stardust; Hank Henry and The Madcaps from Silver Slipper; Ray Anthony and the Book Ends and Davis and Reese from Sahara; The Lancers and Alice Lon from Thunderbird; Arturo Romero and his violins and Eleanor Powell from Dunes; Kay Stevens and Mitzi Green from Riviera; Peter Lind Hayes from Sands; and Louis Prima and Keely Smith from Desert Inn.

In September of 1961 it was noted that both Hank Henry and George Redman was celebrating their 11th year anniversary appearing at the casino.

On October 9, 1961 Bob Fisher died in New York City. He was one of the Barbary Coast Boys who had played at the Silver Slipper just weeks before.

In October of 1961, it was noted that Jack Prince and Charlie Teagarden appeared on the Andy Griffith Show.

Sparkey Kaye moved into the starring spot when Henry took a leave in absence. His brother Paul, owner of Sager's Restaurant in Manhattan, made his first Vegas visit and was so impressed with Vegas, he was considering opening a restaurant there as well.

In November of 1961, it was noted that Russ Lewis, Slipper's ventriloquist, collapsed onstage and missed the last two curtains. He had been going to Los Angeles for TV commercials and flying back to do three Slipper shows a night. Doctors told him to slow down and allowed him to go back to work.

Hank Henry invited the entire cast, chorus, and orchestra of the Slipper to his home for Thanksgiving dinner. It was noted that everyone present knew Hank's three year old son, Carson, had eaten more than his share of the bird when he finally admitted he had a tummy ache.

In 1961, Slipper showcased Lori Phillips, Eddie Fox presents "Nite Club Follies" as well as "Crazy Dazy Revue" starring Hank Henry/Kim Athas/Danny Jacobs/Sparkey Kaye/Russ Lewis/Mad-Caps/Red Marshall/Taffy O'Neil/The Pudgets/Stormy Wather. Also showcased were Coby Yee, Rex Castle, Danny Jacobs, Silver Slipperettes, and George Redman Orchestra. The Gay 90's Lounge showcased Charlie Teagarden & His Dixieland Jazz Band w/Jack Prince/Lori Phillips; the Barbary Coast Boys; Phyllis & Glen and The Twin Tunes.

In February, 1962, Eddie Fox stated that it was the first time in his nine years of show producing that the chorus girls received rounds of applause throughout their entire number. The show stopper was their version of The Twist.

The theme for the 1962 Helldorado Parade was "Going to Helldorado" which was written George Redman Orchestra drummer Eddie Julian

During this year Vegas organized the Silver Softball League in which the Strip hotels and downtown casino were competing. The first game was the Silver Slippers v. Golden Gate.

Hank Henry

In the beginning of 1962, Hank Henry gave an interview and mugged for the camera. Henry was described as 52 years old, 6'1, and 250 pounds, with a family of four. Henry had appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, The Betty Hutton Show, The Joker Is Wild, Pal Joey, Ocean's Eleven, Pepe, and Not Tonight Henry.

When Laugh Capades of 1962 opened on September 16, 1962, guest stars in the audience included the McGuire Sisters, Rowan and Martin, Jack Carter, and the entire cast of the shows at the Dunes, Tropicana and Stardust Hotels.

In October of 1962, the entire Slipper cast including Hank Henry, Sparky Kaye, Danny Jacobs, and Eddie Innes were acting in scenes for Peter Lawford's movie Johnny Cool starring Henry Silva.

In December of 1962 it was noted that Otis, Bland and Emily Redman arrived in Vegas to see brother George Redman, the first time in 53 years since they had seen each other.

In 1962, Slipper showcased Hank Henry/Taffy O'Neil/The Madcaps/Danny Jacobs/Eddie Innes/Red Marshall/The Slipperettes/George Redman Orchestra; Laugh Capades of 1962 w/Hank Henry/Princess Naja Karamuru; Jack Larson/Sparky Kaye/Eddie Innes/Danny Jacobs/The Slipperettes; The Hilarties for 1962; Eddie Fox Presents The Hilarities of 1962 starring Hank Henry/Danny Jacobs/Sparky Kaye/Red Marshall/George Redman Orchestra/Slipperettes/Taffy Twist/Twin Tunes; and, Eddie Fox Presents Crazy Daze Revue starring Hank Henry/Bobby Clark/Cindy Ember/Danny Jacobs/Sparky Kaye/Red Marshall/The Slipperettes/George Redman Orchestra.

The Gay 90's Lounge showcased Johnny LaMonte Trio; The Charlie Teagarden Quintet featuring Bill Harris/Jack Prince; Charlie Teagarden & His Dixieland Jazz Band featuring Jack Prince/Phyllis & Glen.

On January 13, 1963 Slipper held Milton Berle Nite while Berle was performing at the Desert Inn. The tribute was a complete sellout with practically every performer and star in Vegas paying homage to the show business great.

On February 10, 1963, handsome registered quarter horse Slipper Jack was given away by the casino. Phil Molseed of Upland, California was the very fortunate winner.

Prowse/Henry frame

During 1963, Juliet Prowse was having publicity pictures taken. She had invited Hank Henry to pose for a few shots with her.

In June of 1963 Barry Ashton marked his seventh year as choreograph at the Slipper. He first appeared on the Silver Slipper stage as half of the dance team of Allen and Ashton.

In 1963, The Slipper presented Laugh Capades of 1963 starring Hank Henry/Brady Long/The Viennas/Sparke Kaye/Eddie Innes/Danny Jacobs/The Slipperettes, Bossa Nova Revue of 1963 w/Hank Henry/Naja Karamuru/Taffy O'Neil/Russ Lewis/Sparky Kaye/Eddie Innes/Danny Jacobs/The Slipperettes, George Redman Orchestra; Jest for Fun starring Bol Belinsky/Taffy O'Neil/Donna Theodore/Dick Richards/Eddie Innes/Dancy Jacobs. The catering manager at the time was Nick Podar.

Gay 90s Lounge showcased The Funtastics w/Beverly Marshall, The Johnny Lamont Trio, The Charlie Teagarden Quintet w/Allison McKay/Bill Harris/Kay Brown, Johnny La Monte Trio/Coral Kent.

Charlie Teagarden taped live at the Slipper "The Big Horn of Little T for Coral" and it reached the best seller list.

Allison McKay

Casino 1963
Donated by Howard Klein

During this time, Hank Henry obtained a very famous fan. After his show at the Sands, Sinatra would either bring his entourage into the Sands lounge for Dave Burton's old timely razzmatazz, or to the Slipper for the 2:30am burley treats with Henry abetted by the Silver Slipper Stock Company. Henry and Sinatra became close friends with Sinatra becoming godfather to Henry's fourth child name Frank. Henry was assured of special roles in Sinatra's films, and three pictures followed with Henry in some very juicy roles in Ocean's Eleven, Sergeants Three, and Robin and the Seven Hoods.

In April of 1963, Silver Slipper paid final respects to the death of Tommy Adams who performed outside the casino with his monkey.

In April of 1964, the Silver Slipper had its gambling closed on a dice cheating charge. Gaming officials said that the Slipper had been operating a crap game with "flat dice", dice shaved on one side so that the winning combination of six and one did not come up as often as it should. This gave the house an extra percentage. Eventually the case was settled without the money mill losing more than a few revolutions.

Flappers from the Hank Henry show perform

This didn't stop the Slipper actors from performing. They just moved over to the Castaways performing nightly until the Slipper could reopen.

In 1964, Claudine and Shelby Williams from Houston purchased the Slipper. They went later on to own the Holiday Casino (Harrah's).



Showcased during this year was Hootenanny Follies of 1964.

In 1965, Williams reopened the doors as President of Shelam, Inc., with investors that included Sam Diamond.

In January of 1966, the Slipper featured Minsky's Follies '66 starring Mikki Sharait.


On September 14, 1966, the Slipper introduced The Wonderful World of Minsky's Follies.

On December 19, 1966, the Slipper suffered heavy damage from a fire of undetermined origin. The blaze started about 10:45pm in the keno storage area. There was an explosion, and the flames spread quickly to other parts of the building, including the Gaiety Theater, where a performance of Minsky's Follies was in full swing.

The fleeing from the fire was a show in itself with showgirls in G-strings and feathers stampeded through the doors and stood outside in below-freezing temperatures, wrapped in jackets and coats easily lent them by customers. No one was injured, but 70 firemen from nine companies fought the stubborn blaze for more than three and a half hours.

The Slipper was back to normal when on March 14, 1967, Minsky's Burlesque Follies of '67 starring Monique Monet, Jan Reeves and Benson & Mann, opened. The Showcase Lounge showcased Edi Domingo and Peter & Hank.


During this year Jim Mahar, "Gentle Giant of Casinos" was hired as a floorman.


During this year it was noted that the Slipper featured one of the most extensive collections of female Gay 90's type art in the west, which was estimated at a cost of $500 million. More than 50 original oil paintings in the turn-of-the-century style made the plush "red velvet" casino a number one tourist attraction for visitors. The collection, which had taken years to build, was almost exclusively done by Santa Barbara artist, Julian Ritter. Ritter was best known in Vegas for his Silver Slipper collection, but he had painted some of the most famous girls that were used in many Vegas hotel ads. In addition to the flamboyant buxom semi-nudes, Ritter was recognized for his clown paintings.

In December of 1967, Slipper showcased Barry Ashton's The Wonderful World of Burlesque starring Lew Black/Suzanne Nicole. The Red Garter Lounge showcased Ann Beverly and Her Music Makers.

Black/NicoleBeverly/Music Makers


In December of 1967, Slipper President Shelby Williams and local fight promoter Bill Miller signed the new contract that continued to bring professional boxing to the Strip. The Silver Slipper Strip Fight of the Week was held every Wednesday night starting January 3, 1968.

In bringing in 1968, Slipper had a special New Year's Eve performance of the Exciting World of Burlesque. Tickets were $10.00 plus tax per person. The festivities started at 10:30pm, with the show, beveragse, noise makers, party hats, and special gifts for the ladies at the reservation only gala.

Silver Slipper
Donated by Dan Kubota

In 1968, the Slipper's Gaiety Theatre showcased Wonderful World of Burlesque featuring Ashton Girls/Milt Douglas & Jeannie Linero/Paul Lowden Orchestra/Kitty Lynne/Lisa & Brian McGivron/Mako Ohta/Tommy Moe Raft; Lew Black & Suzanne; Fred Mann & Nola Hoffman; and Mikki Sharait & Sal Angelica. The Red Garter Lounge showcased Carl Fontana Sextet; Joe Darro; Billy Dare; Dean & Jan; Arnold Dee Trio Plus One; Linda Leigh and Her Lads; The Lyric Sounds; George Rock & His Dixieland Bank; and Silent Cinema Flicks.

During the 14 years after opening, although the Last Frontier Village had gradually turned into a parking lot minus Doby Doc's artifacts, the fortunes of the Slipper increased while it expanded and changed its interior and exterior appearance greatly. The list of famous names booked by Slipper producer Eddie Fox to perform for multitudes of other famous names became legendary. Guest stars were written into the scenes such as Bela "Dracula" Lugosi, Buster Keaton, Slapsy Maxie Rosenbloom, Fifi D'Orsay, Billy Giblert, Bo Belinsky (California Angels no-hitter pitcher), Christine Jorgenson (after her sex change operation), Nellie Lutcher, Billy Barty, Gorgeous George, Buddy Baer and Gogi Grant. Noted strippers were Sally Rand, Lili St. Cyr, Candy Barr, Kalantan, Taffy O'Neil and Tura Santana.]

The two early shows were filled with Vegas residents, welcomed by management along with the cast which had fun with name inserts of audience members put on the griddle by Henry. It was the 2:30am show that pulled in the celebrities from everywhere. Comedians in particular filled the room to watch the master schtickmen. Movie and stage stars filled seats in the small showroom. A consistent attendee was Sands' bigwig Jack Entratter.

In 1968, Hughes' owned its next door neighbor, The Frontier, while living in the Penthouse of the Desert Inn. Hughes, who was a very private person at this point in his life, was being hounded by reporters, autograph seekers, and various Federal Agencies. In addition, certain publications were offering $5,000 to anyone who could get of picture of Hughes, and since he was pushing the mob out of the Strip, he was a potential target a la Benjamin Siegel. Because of this, he was protective of his privacy.

The slipper that sat atop of the casino rotated in a full circle, stopping, then continuing its revolution. Hughes saw that the toe of the slipper stopped facing his room before beginning its next rotation. He decided that a Federal agency can plant a camera in the toe of the slipper, people with cameras could have a clear view of his suite, and/or a potential sniper could sit and wait. Hughes had repeatedly asked the Silver Slipper to turn the slipper's rotation off and was each time told no. Hughes had to have the slipper turned off and therefore bought the Silver Slipper on April 30, 1968 for $5.4 million. Rumor has it the first thing he did after he bought the Silver Slipper was to stop the slipper from rotating. The rotation was turned so that tip of the slipper didn't stop at Hughes' floor and the slipper once again was turned on.

Howard Hughes

In 1969, the Gaiety Theatre showcased Wonderful World of Burlesque featuring Astradella; Tommy Moe Raft/Kitty Lynn/Milt Douglas/Jeannie Linero/Jean & Helene/Remo & Kathi/Mako Ohta/Yvette & Paris/Ashton Girls/Astradella, and Paul Lowden Orchestra. The Maitre d' was Sven Levin.

Janet Boyd

In late 1969, Janet Boyd who played Astradella was in a car accident. At the time she was apparently insured by one of those companies that cancels a holder on the spot, when involved in an accident. She suffered detached retinas and was treated by both surgery and laser beam. The entertainers up and down the Strip were donating money to help her pay medical bills.

The Red Garter Lounge showcased George Rock & His Dixieland Band, and Silent Cinema Flicks.

In 1970, the Gaiety Theatre showcased Barry Ashton's all new World of Burlesque - 1970 featuring Angelique/Ashton Girls/Astradella/Barbara Ann/Herbie Barris/Janet Boyd/Milt Douglas & Jeannie Linero/Irving Harmon/ Paul Lowdon Orchestra/Kitty Lynne/Manfred & Marina/Marina & Mihai/Sandy O'Hara/Patrice Nicole/Yvette & Paris/Tommy Moe Raft/Satan's Angel/Vespia Brothers/David Walker. The Maitre d' was Sven Levin.

Barbara AnnDavid Walker

Burlesque star Barbara Ann was born in San Jose, CA, of Indian and Irish parentage, and was in show business three years before she joined the show.

The Red Garter Lounge showcased Joe Darro/Rita Tanner; Joe Darro/Rita Tanner/Russ Martino; Tommy Deering & The Inner Circle; Gus Mancuso Trio; George Rock's Dixie Land Band; Phyllis & Bobby Sherwood; Gus Mancuso Trio; Sundi & Russ Martino; Rita Tanner/Joe Darro Trio; and Johnny Veith/Dottie Dodgion.

Janet Boyd

World of Burlesque star Janet Boyd was described as a 5'11" former Playboy model with 38-24-36 form. She appeared in a solo dance representative of the great ladies of burlesque. See below for more information on Boyd.

Silver Slipper

During this year Charles Vespia of the Slipper's service counter was commended for his cordiality to the patrons of the casino.

Bar & ShowroomBurlesque
World of Burlesque ads

The Chuckwagon's prices were $1.87 from 3:00pm to 2:00am. Their $.69 round-the-clock breakfast was also advertised.

In 1971, it was reported that Janet Boyd was back as Astradella in the Slipper's show after a series of delicate operations saved her eyesight.

It was during this year that Slipper caused a "first". She was the first casino on the Strip to hire women card dealers. (Union Plaza was the first casino downtown to hire women card dealers during the same year.)

It was noted that both the Frontier and Silver Slipper exclude Nellis Air Force servicemen from minimum charges in their showroom.

In December of 1971, employees listed included Tom Stirling/Mac McKinnon/Tom Jaggers/Maynard Harris/Jimmie Mahar - Swing Shift.

In 1971, the Gaiety Theatre showcased Barry Ashton's Burlesque Revue featuring Lou Ascol/Angelique/Ashton Girls/Astradella/Herbie Barris/Miss Disneyland/Janet Boyd/Gordon Cornish/Martin Gavin/Duke Lord/Manfred & Marina/Tommy Moe Raft/Marina Maubert/Sharon Richards (who played Bambi in the movie Grasshopper)/Vespia Brothers/Paul Lowden Orchestra. Later that year the Gaiety Theatre opened Barry Ashton's Wonderful World of Burlesque. On March 30, 1971, Barry Ashton opened his new show Wonderful World of Burlesque '71 featuring Tommy Moe Raft/Lou Ascol/Miss Disneyland/Janet Boyd/Angelique/Gordon Cornish/Martin Gavin/Marina Maubert/Tommy Hodges Orchestra.

The Red Garter Lounge showcased Cover Girls; Lynne Davis; Tommy Deering & The Inner Circle; Patti & Mike Elley; Jim Garis Trio; Jody's Five; The Female Species; The In Set; Peter & Wolf; and George Rock & The New Society.

These pictures depictre Slipper ladies Janet Boyd, Sharon Richards.

Barry Ashton

In February 1972, Slipper took out an ad in the Fabulous Las Vegas wishing Barry Ashton a Happy Birthday.

Please get your scorecards ready - during June of 1972, Hughes Corporation was playing musical positions - Perry Lieber was still Chief of Public Relations for Hughes Hotels, even though he was also the new General Manager of the Landmark; Frank Modica became General Manager of Desert Inn; Irv Rogers left Desert Inn to become General Manager of Silver Slipper; Glen Neely left Slipper to head the Landmark's casino; Jack Pieper was recalled from Reno to become General Manager of Frontier; and Al Guzman moved his publicity/advertising office to Landmark.

In 1972, the Gaiety Theatre showcased Barry Ashton's Wonderful World of Burlesque '71, starring Angelique, Lou Ascol/Herbie Barris/Irv Benson/Janet Boyd/Gordon Cornish/Sharon Dale/Martin Gavin & Marina Maubert/Jim Hodge/Tommy Hodges Orchestra/Tommy Moe Raft/Lisa & Salerno/Marilyn Robertson/Charlie Vespia/Miss Velvet. The price was $3.95 with all you can drink.

The Red Garter Lounge showcased The Female Species, Nashville Sounds, Organized Confusion, Buddy Pello Trio, The Pepettes, Phyllis & Bobby Sherwood, and Xambia. Also during this year the Slipper's buffet was $1.49 from 11:00am to 3:00pm, and $1.90 from 3:00pm to 10:00pm.

On April 4, 1972, Barry Ashton opened his new Wonderful World of Burlesque '72 starring Angelique, Lou Ascole/Herbie Barris/Ben Blue/Janet Boyd/Gordon Cornish/Sharon/Martin Gavin/Jim Hodge/Tommy Hodges Orchestra/Lisa & Salerno/Marina Maubert/Tommy Moe Raft/Dick Richards/Marilyn Roberts/Miss Velvet/Charlie Vespia. The Maitre d' was Sven Levin. Rumors were flying that Blue came out of retirement because he was broke. The rumors were false as Blue had successful business enterprises, in addition to a recent court settlement of a million dollars. It came out that Ashton had to talk Ben Blue to come out of retirement to appear in this show.


Restaurant Manager Florence Carlisle was preparing her costume to stand by for the finale of the new World of Burlsque. She smiled when asked "How can a pigeon feather be too big?"

On June 21, 1973, the Slipper was the host of an Art Auction with 120 original paintings, all framed and selected by nationally-known author/lecturer Eric Rhodes from his personal collection. Admission was free.

In 1973, it was discovered that Hughes' Slipper purchase wasn't a purchase; it was a lease between Hughes' Summa Corporation and the then Frontier owners Jack Barenfeld, Norma Friedman, Irving Leff, Beldon Katleman and T.W. Richardson. This touched off legal action to force the Slipper's owners to sell the property to Hughes. The case was resolved in April of 1977, by the Nevada Supreme Court, which ruled that Summa had the right to go ahead with its the purchase of the Slipper.

On August 23, 1973, the Theatre Arts Society presented its opening performance of Guys and Dolls are the Slipper's Ballroom. A no-host cocktail party preceded for an hour before the 8:00pm performance.

In 1973, the Gaiety Theatre showcased Barry Ashton's Wonderful World of Burlesque '72 starring Irv Benson/Herbie Barris/Charlie Vespia/Miss Velvet/Marilyn Robertson/Sharon Dale/Jim Hodge/Lisa & Salerno/Tommy Hodges Orchestra. The Maitre d' was Sven Levin.

The Red Garter Lounge showcased Lonnie Andal, Irish Beggarmen, Celine Britt/The Motions, Chuck & Diane, Costello & Company, Kimberly Diamond Trio, Tommy Deering Inner Circle, Kay Fleming & The Cat, New Kimberly Diamonds, Jody Three, Phyllis & Bobby Sherwood, and The Voices. The Slipper changed its buffet prices to $1.19 from 11:00am to 3:00pm, and $1.97 from 3:00pm to 10:00pm. In June of 1973, it appears that Barry Ashton's show moved to the Aladdin. The Slipper once again changed its buffet prices to $1.39 from 11:00am to 3:00pm, and $1.69 from 3:00pm to 10:00pm.

In 1974, the Red Garter Lounge showcased with Allen & Rossi with Red Garter Girls, Leonard Stanley, and Sounds of Holly.

Also in 1974, Perry Lieber, General Manager of the Landmark, was transferred to General Manager of Public Relations for Howard Hughes' Nevada Corporation. Lieber also acted as consultant to the Desert Inn, Sands, Castaways, Silver Slipper, Frontier, and Landmark Hotels.

In 1975, Silver Slipper showcased Viva Burlesque.

In 1976, Slipper showcased Sounds of Holly & Johnson.

Also in 1977, Summa hired William Friedman to become general manager of the Slipper as well the Castaways which Hughes also owned. Before Friedman was hired the Slipper was seeing hard times when Henry and company left even though it did have some high periods with certain shows. The Barry Ashton and Wolf Kochman edition of "Wonderful World of Burlesque" was a hit as well as Irving Benson's nonsense.

Friedman brought in Kenny Kerr's "BoyLesque", a boys-will-be-girls impersonation revue with Kerr's flamboyant, risque leadership. Friedman also changed the main downstairs showroom into a disco. He moved "BoyLesque" to the upstairs space, which over the years had been a ballroom, boxing arena, and little theater. The Slipper's disco was the only successful disco in Vegas.

In 1979, Gaiety Theatre showcased Boy-Lesque '79, and Morris as Elvis. Tickets for Boy-Lesque was $4.95

In 1980, Slipper showcased "Morris As Elvis," and Boy-Lesque. The Morris show and buffet dinner were $7.95. The luncheon buffet was $2.95, and the dinner buffet was $3.95.


In July of 1981, the six table poker room was managed by Sandra Maupin. 7 card stud - $1-3, $3-6, $1-3/$6 on-the-end. Hold-em - $3-6, $1-3/$6 on-the-end, dealer's choice $3-6, $1-3/$6 on-the-end.

In 1981, Slipper showcased Morris as Elvis, and Boy-Lesque. In addition, the Slipper advertised their buffet as There are 17 Buffets in Las Vegas, But Only One!

In 1982, Slipper showcased Boy-Lesque starring for Kenny Kerr for $4.95, and Branded Revue also for $4.95.


In 1983, Slipper advertised that its buffet had served over 10 million people, and won more awards than any other buffet. The Slipper boasted its own bakery which prepared all the pies, breads, cakes, rolls, biscuits and elegant desserts contained no preservatives. It also had its own butcher shop where the meats were choice, the seafood was ocean-fresh, and the poultry young and tender. Its motto was "If you love to eat, eat where you'll surrounded by people who love great food, and then you can say, tomorrow the diet."

During an expansion of the parking lot, publicist Duke Hoover put up reserved parking signs - for Elvis and other stars no longer earth-bound as a joke. Nobody parked in those spots.


Also in 1983, Slipper featured the shows Boylesque, and Branded.

In 1984, Slipper showcased Boylesque, and Branded.

In 1985, Gaiety Theatre showcased Boy-Lesque starring Kenny Kerr for the cost of $6.95.

Shortly thereafter, Kerr left the Slipper to take his show to the Sahara and the much larger space the resort provided for the show.

During this time, the casino held six poker tables with Sandy Maupin as Manager.

The Great Buffet was $3.95 for lunch, and $4.95 for dinner.

On June 23, 1988, Margaret Elardi who owned the Frontier, bought the Silver Slipper for $70 million from Howard Hughes' Summa Corporation.

Part of the agreement was that Summa Corporation would demolish the Silver Slipper which was accomplished on November 28, 1988. The show Boylesque was the last show opening at 8:00pm on Sunday, November 27, 1988. Sonny King, DeCastro Sister, Don Cherry, Redd Foxx, and Dick Contino showed up to make the last show one to remember for all present. On Monday, November 29, 1988, Slipper Slipper closed her doors forever.

Elardi turned the property into a parking lot for the Frontier. Elardi was to rebuild the Slipper with a revolving bar and restaurant at its top, but that never occurred due to the union strike at the Frontier and the strain it put on the resort's funds, losing jobs that the new Slipper would've brought. As of 1999, the architect plans for the new Slipper were still at the New Frontier.

Slipper at the Boneyard

In 1996, John Braun was driving on Highway 95 from Las Vegas through Beatty when on the left side of the road he spotted the Silver Slipper arch at a small casino there.

Arch is in red square

"As I recall, it said "Exit" over the "out" lane, "Parking Entrance" over the "in" lane and in the center, had a graphic of the "Silver Slipper" with the letter "S" on each side of it, along with hundreds of colored light bulbs." - John Braun

On February 7, 2000, I spoke with Chuck Wood, the manager of the Casino Royale, who told me that when the Boneyard closed, Elardi took possession of the slipper and moved it to a private warehouse where it is stored to date.

The Slipper has been returned in preparation of being restored for the Neon Museum.

Silver Slipper
Donated by Carol Knoll

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