Golden Slipper
Golden Slipper on the corner of the Last Frontier Village
Frontier Brochure
Golden Slipper on 1950 Frontier brochure

The Silver Slipper opened on the grounds of the Last Frontier Village at 3100 Las Vegas Boulevard South in September of 1950 as the Golden Slipper Saloon and Gambling Hall. The owner, Beldon Katleman who would own El Rancho Vegas, wanted to call it the Silver Slipper, but a small bar and slot joint out on Boulder Highway, already had that name. To solve the problem, Katleman bought the sawdust joint, closed it down, and reopened the Golden Slipper as the Silver Slipper. I'm not sure exactly when as there is an advertisement in a December, 1950 magazine stating that the "Golden Slipper Saloon and Gambling Hall located at the Last Front Village presents continuous gay '90s entertainment" with Hank Henry/Jo-Ann Malone/Gerry Knox/James Cavanaugh/Golden Slipper Quartet/Turk Murphy Band/George Redman/Ted Johnson/Bob Laine.

William Moore of the Hotel Last Frontier had a different story about the name change:

"It was originally called the Golden Slipper. We even had all of our advertising, menus, matches, so forth on printed with Golden Slipper on them. And when we started advertising in the newspaper to announce the grand opening of the facilities, we received a call from Art Ham, who was the attorney and major stockholder in the Golden Nugget. He indicated that he felt that we were infringing on the name of Golden Nugget by our Golden Slipper, and that the design was near enough to that of the Golden Nugget, the design of the actual struture itself. The idea was smiliar in the type of establishments that we were operating. [He said] that if we insisted on using the name Golden Slipper and did so, that he would sue us claiming that we were infringing on the Golden Nugget, and that they had copyrighted the name Golden Nugget and felt that we were subject to considerable damages on the part of the court. For this reason, the name was changed. It cost us somewhere in the neighborhood of $50,000 to reprint all the various advertising menus and so forth, but we felt that if he could make it stick in court, we would be subject to the damages he was referring to. We had no idea what damages would be assessed by the court and felt that we were on thin ground, and we felt that we had better change the name.

We went out on the Boulder Highway and contacted an individual that owned an establishment, a bar and gambling casino, during the early part of the war and very possibly existed even before the war. I never did attempt to find out when it was first put in there but the name of the establishment was Silver Slipper. . . . So we contact the woman who owned the bar, and made a deal to buy the name Silver Slipper, wherein she would discontinue the use of it, and agreed to buy her new signs changing the name. What she changed it to, I do not even remember. But we bought the name; naturally, any signs that she had did not fit what we wanted to use. We just wanted to use the name. Then we changed all of our advertising, the signs for the building and so forth. - William Moore, August, 1981

The property that the Slipper was built on was occupied by the livery stables operated by Tex and Freida Gates. The stables were moved back into another section of the Last Frontier Village.

The Slipper had the reputation as the largest multiple-game gambling casino ever operated on the Strip. For the first time on the Strip, poker, pan and bank games began operation. Slipper also contained three Crap tables, three roulette wheels and four 21 games, and a Wheel of Fortune which was known as Big 4. The race book parlor contained the largest track board known to be in operation in the West which was managed by Jerry Jurtsich. Day manager of the casino was H.J. "Pop" Fish, and the night manager was E.E. James.


The restaurant of the Slipper was a unique, enlarged reproduction of an early combination dining car and Pullman of about 1877. Hanging ceiling and wall lamps were copies of originals. Along the upper portions of the wall used a slanting pattern used to depict berths that were folded when food was being served in the car.

Vern C. Mitton of the Feldman Co. of Los Angeles specially designed the lighting fixtures. The fixtures were then installed by the Las Vegas Electric Company. The heating equipment was provided by Western Heating and Ventilation, and the plumbing was contracted by Larkin Plumbing and Heating Company. Painting of the building was done by Claude C. Fogel, the lumber contractor was Woitishek Lumber Company which also provided lumbar to the Frontier. The drapes were from The Wayside, and the insulation by Tri State Company. The companies of Cind-R-Lit, Inc., Real Clay Tile, G.K. Rubidoux Plastering Contractors, Sparling-Fowler-Murphy Engineering, B&N Tile Company, and Roberts Roof and Floor Company assisted in the construction of the casino. All dairy products were provided by Rancho Grande Creamery.

The second story of the Slipper provided a huge convention hall with 11,000 square feet of floor space which was the first convention hall in town. Over 1,200 can be seated auditorium style and approximately 700 banquet style. A stage 30 feet wide and 27 feet deep offered adequate space for entertainment.


Two partitions made it possible to quickly convert the convention hall into the size required for smaller groups. A 100 foot bar extended across one end of the hall.

100 foot bar

The foyer, with its rose patterned carpet and heavy velvet and gold brocade drapes is reminiscent of all the plush luxury of the gay 90s.

Harry Farnow was hired as director of entertainment. Farnow brought in veteran comedian Hank Henry; a barbershop quartet consisting of James Cavanaugh, Al Terry, Johnny Vanderhoff, and Jack Leslie; ragtime and blues singer Gerry Knox; Norma Hughes, Turk Murphy's seven-piece Dixieland Band; and piano player George Redman.

The opening of the Golden Slipper was an event in itself lasting throughout the month of September, 1950. The Golden slip1950/Last Frontier Village had a Fireworks display on September 5th at 9:00pm. On September 6th there was an open house at 7:00pm which boasted an old fashioned wiener roast in the covered wagon circle. The wieners and beer were free with music being provided by the Cowboy Band. On September 12th, there was a barbecue starting at 5:30pm with free aprons and hats given out to the guests. Music was provided by the Frontier Cowboy Band and the price was $2.00 for adults and $1.00 for children. There was also a key given to anyone who made purchases at the Village. If the key fit in the lock the winner won $500 in silver dollars.

Everyone welcomed the Golden Slipper to the Strip including taking out ads in newspapers welcoming this casino, including the other resorts.

Newspaper AdNewspaper Ad
Donated by Howard Klein

Silver Slipper

In 1950, Milton Deutsch was listed as entertainment and publicity director.

In 1950, Silver Slipper showcased a minstrel show with Hank Henry, and George Redman Orchestra.

Also during this year, Hank Henry took a week off. Sahara's Stan Irwin stepped in to entertain. Irwin also played the Easter Bunny.

Silver Slipper

In an interview, Frontier's William Moore was asked about a contest (date not stated) for a girl who could fit into a slipper.

"It turned out to be the wife of one of the employees, and she was the only one that fit the slipper that we had and used in the advertising. . . . It was a rather small foot. So later, we picked up one of her slippers and had it gold plated, and then later silver plated when we changed the name from the Golden Slipper to the Silver Slipper. She was given a considerable prize and she was touted at the opening of the Silver Slipper and so forth, but I just do not remember the exact details at the present time. - William Moore, August, 1981

In August of 1951, it was noted that Charles Pickard was a member of the famous radio program starring the Pickard Family.

In September of 1951 the First Annual Sportsmen's Show of Las Vegas took place at the Silver Slipper Convention Hall. Sponsored by the Boulder City News in cooperation with the Sportsmen's Associations of Las Vegas and Boulder City the exhibits will cover a wide variety of sports activities and equipment.

In 1951, the Slipper showcased Billy Bishop & Ann; Jimmy Cavanaugh; Jerry Coe Builders w/"How Not to Build a House"; Cooper Sisters - singing comediennes w/plenty of sparkle; Rufe Davis; Buster Hallett; Jimmie "Mr. Everybody" Husson; Claudia Jordan - New Orleans bombshell; Gerry Knox; Gerry Mann & his Band; Nardini & Nadyne; Patsy Parker; Charles Pickard - Tennessee crooner with guitar; Radio Rogues; George Redman as emcee; Silver Slipper Corset Girls (who would dance on the bar putting their toes in the male patrons' drinks) w/M.C. Ken Card; Whitey's Toppers intermission music. George Redman also doubled as the Slipper's musical director and conductor/arranger for all of the Hank Henry epics.

Buster HallettJimmie HussonPatsy Parker

Also during that year Bill Willard was hired to write a melodrama for Hank Henry and the rest of the Slipper company and act as the villain character for one month. Willard went on to stay at the Slipper for five years as straight man, character actor, writer, and composer in the Silver Slipper Stock Company, with Sparky Kaye playing second banana.

Also in 1952, the Slipper advertised a breakfast of ham, bacon, sausage and eggs, any style toast and offer for $.49. The Village Hamburger on toasted bun, French fried potatoes and cole slaw for also $.49. Luncheons were served from $.90, and dinners were served from $1.95. Between the hours of 11:00pm and 4:00am, a patron could buy a regular $5.00 steak for only $1.99.

Slipper's phone number was the same as the Hotel Last Frontier's, 1800. She advertised free dancing every Saturday at the Silver Slipper Ballroom located in the Last Frontier Village.

In June of 1952, it was reported that the Slipper was the scene of much hammering and shuffling about as the bar was moved into the casino, thus enlarging the Gay Nineties music hall. Clarence Gashart was in charge of the construction.

During this year the Footprinters gave Hank Henry a birthday greeting during a show - with six-guns popping, gag presents and a miniature cake. Both Henry and Cavanaugh were members of the local Footprinters chapter.

Also during this year, Slipper began a 3:00pm matinee Saturday shows with the first one starring Jimmy Cavanaugh, Harry "Woo-Woo" Stevens, Roberto, and George Redman.

During one of the "drunk" scenes, drummer Sid Jacobs got an accidental bath from the Seltzer bottle, instead of intended target Hank Henry.

Harry "Woo-Woo" Stevens was sworn in as a Deputy Sheriff of Clark County in August, 1952, and in the future will bill himself as the "Singing Sheriff."

In August of 1952, it was noted that business had increased in the casino since moving the bar into the casino; Waitress Helen Hadley, was an ex-performer - half of a sister singing act; and The 4 Knights recorded eight sides for Capitol records while appearing at the Slipper using portable equipoment.

In 1952, the Slipper showcased Ames & Arno; Flo Ash; Babary Coast Boys; Charline Bartley; Isabelle Dawn; Dolly's Can Can Girls; Double Daters from the Frank Sinatra's show; Isabel Dwan; Lenny Gale; Genii; Chuck Gould & his Orchestra; Hank Henry; Kalantan in Parisienne Follies; Las Vegas Follies; New Skits starring Hank Henry/Isabel Swan/Kalantan/Can Can Girls/Robert's Puppets/Woo Woo Stevens/Pud Brown; Nedra; Radio Rogues Dick Drake/Jean Vargo; George Redman Orchestra; The Rooneys; Wanda Smith's Hollywood Cover Girls; "World's Worst Juggler" Rex Story; Bill Willard; Woo-Woo Stevens. Jimmy Cavanaugh was the MC.

Flo AshCasinoOld West

At the end of 1952/beginning of 1953, Slipper advertised that the true atmosphere of the old West was reflected in the gaming tables, crystal chandeliers, mahogany bar and colorful murals on the back bar. The casino held Fortune, Craps, Roulette, 21, Keno, Bingo and slot machines.

In August of 1953 it was reported that Hank Schainck made a lot of changes to the restaurant to a more efficient operation as the popularity of the restaurant grew.

Kalantan of the Silver Slipper and Dolores Frazzini of the Ramona Room demonstrate the new Aquaped, device designed for and used by the Frogmen in the Navy

In 1953, Slipper showcased Russ Clark - puppeteer; Carolina Cotton - Cowgirl Queen; Millie Davis; Follies of the Day starring Kalantan/Hank Henry/Spark Kaye/Beau Jesters/Jimmy Cavanaugh/Bill Willard; Follies of Hollywood starring Hank Henry/Bill Willard/Jimmy Cavanaugh/Gloria Pall/Sparky Kaye/The Beau Jesters/Myra Gate's Five Palominos; Stage Door Frolics w/Carrie Finnell/Hank Henry/Rick Layne; Marah Gates' Palominos; Jo Ann Malone; George Redman Orchestra.

Jeannette MacDonald

On November 3, 1954, Jeannette MacDonald was crowned Queen of the Opera Ball at the Slipper's Ballroom following Vegas' first opera by Delyle Madison, Chairman of the Opera Ball Committee. Observing from the left is Harry Parker, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Vegas Opera Association, Phil Rizzo, President, and Stan Irwin as MC.

The opera Carmen was held at the high school auditorium. Approximately 300-500 people were turned away and a capacity crowd of over 1,533 attended the premiere.


In 1953, Slipper showcased Emcee Jimmy Cavanaugh, Follies of the Day - Cast of 20, Myra Gates' Five Blonde Bombshells, Marah Gates' Palominos, Hawaiian Holiday starring Hank Henry w/a cast of 17 including Kalantan/Tahitian Knife Dancer, Manu/Johnny O'Brien, Sparky Kaye, Fred Ketch/Jerry, Johnny Matson, and George Redman Orchestra, as well as Holly-Daze Revue starring Hank Henry/Barbary Coast Boys/Sparky Kaye/Virginia Dew/Jimmy Cavanaugh/Hollywood Palominos.


Bill Kozloff, manager of the Silver Slipper performed the impossible and booked Johnny Matson in his shows. Matson was a versatile comedian-musician. London's top stars Tessie O'Shea booked Matson on an European tour with her and Matson promised to perform at the Slipper after his tour with O'Shea.

Phil Cabibi, casino manager of the Frontier, received a $5.00 donation from each of the dealers, and $10.00 from each of the boxmen at the Frontier and Silver Slipper to be turned over to the Red Cross Drive.

In 1954, Slipper showcased All Star Revuew w/Kalantan/Sally Rand/Buddy Baer/Jacqueline Fontaine/Jean Valli/Hank Henry; French Can-Can Danders, Carnival of Fun starring Hank Henry/Slapsie Maxie Rosenblum/Jackson Trio/Sparkey Kaye/Bill Willard/Jimmy Cavanaugh/Joan White/Virginia Dew, Hawaiian Holidays starring Hank Henry, George Redman's Orchestra, Parisian Follies starring Sally Rand/The Appletons/Hank Henry/Eve Marley/Sparky Kaye/Bill Willard/Jimmy Cavanaugh/Joan White, and Stage Door Follies starring Hank Henry/Sparky Kaye/Jimmy Cavanaugh/Johnny O'Brien/Marah Gates Palominos.

Show 1954
Show 1954

On March 19, 1955, the B'nai Brith presented East Lynn in the Ballroom.Stars of the play were Jeanne Houssels, Earl Yonk, and Lloyd Katz. It was directed by Corinne Moss and Pat Goldwater. Publicity chores were Stan Fayman and Paul Sperling. All proceeds went to the new Jewish Community Center.

In April of 1955, it was reported that ex-world's heavy-weight titled holder Max Baer was in the audience to visit his old partner Maxie Rosenbloom who was appearing at the Slipper. With just a bit of inducement, Baer jumped on stage and became part of the act. The customers got a lot more than they bargained for when the two Maxies broke the place up. (Baer's son, Max, Jr., is best known as Jethro on the Beverly Hillbillies TV show.)

Also in April of 1955, General Manager Bill Kozloff, arranged for Nino Valdes to do his training at the Silver Slipper. Nino was fighting Archie Moore on May 2, 1955 at Cashman Field. Hundreds of fight fans visited the Slipper to watch Nino train.

Joan White

In June of 1955, showgirl Joan White was profiled. White as born in New York City (The Bronx) in 1931, the second of two daughters of Mack and Martha White, professionals with the Joe Yule burlseque road shows. When her mother divorced in 1935, they moved to Los Angeles where White attended Menlo Park Avenue Grammer School and Santa Rosa High School. White had no formal training in singing, dancing, or acting, being known as a natural. She got her first break in 1947 while spending the summer in Lake Tahoe. Buster Pearl and his orchestra permitted the kid to sing a song with them and hired her on the spot.

In the fall of 1947 she left Tahoe for San Francisco to visit her sister, when she ran into Myrah Gates, a choregrapher, who offered her a job as a line dancer at the Italian Village (the old Lido Club). Following the Italian Village, she joined the Eastman Trio for a TV series, then to line dancing and singing in an Oakland club with the Dottie Dee troupe. They later traveled in Alaska and Mexico, and the southwestern U.S. winding up at El Rancho Vegas in 1953. By this time White was assistant choreographer to Dottie Dee.

Myrah Gates was the choreographer at the Slipper and when White was fired from El Rancho for reasons she couldn't ascertain, Gates hired her. From September 13 through May 19, White had given 2,476 consecutive performanes (28 shows per week, or four nightly) without a vacation and without missing a performance.

White was then in an accident and received an injured eye and slight brain concussion, but she went on. Her fellow-players considered her a top performer and real trouper. Sandwiched between the heavy show schedule are appearance for charities and Air Force Base entertainment. In her spare time she sews, making many of her bowns, and cooking up meals for the cast.

In August of 1955, the management was giving away $100 nightly in the Gay '90 Ballroom. Free door tickets were given out at 1:00am with the drawing beheld at 4:00am. Winner of the first drawing was Mrs. Quida Anderson, a visitor. Her ducat was drawn by Robert Alda.

Jack Cortez of the Fabulous Las Vegas Magazine stated his belief that the Slipper would have had a terrific reaction if they had held Buddy Baer over, to appear with Gorgeous George. He opined that the prizefighter and the wrestler would have been sensational together.

In 1955, the casino showcased 8 Lucky Girls; Bubbles Darlene; Buddy Baer; Cliff Ferre; Gorgeous George; Minstrel Days starring Pick & Pat; Turk Murphy & His Riverboat Band; A. Robins; Maxie Rosenbloom; Silver Slipparettes; Silver Slipper Stock Comopany; Tere Sheehan; Ben Yost Royal Guards. Also showcased was Parisian Follies starring Hank Henry/French Can Can Dancers/The Appletons/Lee Sharon/Sparky Kaye/Jimmy Cavanaugh/Joan White/Bill Willard; Red Hot Revue w/Arlene/Hank Henry/Joe Wong/Silver Slipper Stock Company; and Fun Time starring Rusty Draper/Hank Henry/Arlene.

Bubbles Darlene

In December 1955, the following individuals were connected with the resort: Paul Garland - Shift Manager; Everett E. McCarlie - Floorman; Harry Belcastro - Boxman; Harry Flinn - Swing Shift Manager; Lou Palange - Floorman; Tony diMaggio - Floorman; Glenn Harrell - Relief Boxman & Floorman; Joe Staker - Boxman; George Menik - Boxman; George Landrum - Relief Boxman; Graveyard Shift - William B. Sikes - Shift Manager; Jacob Heintz - Relief Boxman; John Brereton - Boxman; B.H. Gray - Relief Shift Manager and Floorman.

On June 7, 1956, Slipper hosted the Vegas Women's Bowling Association's annual banquet. The queen was none other than Etta Cortez, wife of Fabulous Las Vegas editor Jack Cortez (queen for 1955 was Maxine McMichael).

Tex Sheridan

In March of 1956 Slipper showgirl Tex Sheridan shortly before she left the Slipper to perform in Los Angeles and Chicago. At the time she was 23 years old, 5'3", with red hair. She was a native of Houston, Texas.

"A stripper can do what she wants and express her feeling in her own way, without being tied to a set pattern and design, set down by someone else." - Tex Sheridan

In April of 1956 it was noted that the restaurant's cook was Claude Shangreaux. Shangreaux had been working at the Slipper for over four years and just loved it there because the place and the people were conducive to him doing a real fine job. Prior to the Slipper, Shangreaux worked in Reno for eight years and for many years he worked the finest restaurants in New York City.

The restuarant was recently remodeled with the dining room enlarged, walls had been knocked out and autographed picture of the celebrities who had eaten there adorned the new walls.

In 1956, Slipper showcased Eddie Fox' French Follies of 1957 starring Hank Henry/Princess Yasmina/Barbara McNair/Artie James/Sparky Kaye/Cliff & Judie Ferre/Jimmy Cavanaugh/Miss Nevada/Mac Dennison/Silver Slipperettes/and George Redman's Orchestra. Barry Ashton was the choreographer. Also showcased included The Laugh Parade of 1956 starring Sally Rand/Hank Hendy/Silver Slipper Cast of Comedy Players; Sally Rand/Hank Henry/Three Dolls/Jay Lee/The Princess; Barbara McNair; Silver Slipperettes; Silver Stock Company.


Amazing Colossal Man
In 1957 Silver Slipper had a cameo spot in the movie Amazing Colossal Man

" I do have an interesting story about the Silver Slipper neon sign. My Father's brother, George Gregory Dexter, was in the neon sign business in San Bernardino, California. He heard that the Silver Slipper was looking for a sign. He designed 'the silver slipper'. He sent one of his employees with the design to Las Vegas to try and sell it. The employee did a good job - he did sell the slipper design. However, my Uncle never saw that employee again. He went south with the payment.

My Uncle had no recourse - the casino had been offered the design by his company representative, they had paid his company representative for it - So unfortunately he never got credit for designing the sign or any payment for it. The local sign company ended up constructing the slipper.

G.G. Dexter

My Uncle was a great guy. He had polio at a very young age and one of his legs was paralyzed, so he was crippled. It was quite a while before they fit him with a brace so he didn't have to use crutches. He never let his disability dampen life for him, nor did he ever expect something from anybody because of it. He was killed in a car accident in 1985. He was also involved with the design and building of the original McDonalds' Arches. The first McDonalds was, as you probably know, in San Bernardino." - Beverly Phillips, June 2003

An old time Western get-together
Old Time Get-Together

The Silver Slipper's main attraction, in addition to gambling, was the burlesque show seven nights a week, boxing in a second-floor auditorium, an inexpensive chuck wagon buffet, and a round-the-clock $.69 breakfast. The Red Garter lounge was set up as a speakeasy, where guests were entertained with a Dixieland band and nostalgic songs which evoked bygone days of jazz and jitters.

In May of 1957, The "swingin'-est" rock and roll session in Las Vegas was scheduled to take place the following Saturday. The dance was held simultaneously in the Desert Spa and Silver Slipper ballroom, starting at 8:00pm. All proceeds went to the Boy Scouts. Tickets were sponsored by Las Vegas Post 711 of the Jewish War Veterans.

Donated by Dennis Rosen

Scheduled to perform were Hal Miller's Rock n' Rollers, Jack Dix and his Rhythm Kings, Hoyt Henry and his Fabulous Five, Art "Cow Eyes" Engler from the Hacienda, Johnny Olenn from the Dunes, the Frank Moore Five from the Sands, and The Treniers from the Royal Nevada. Louis Prima, Mickey Katz, and Chuey Reyes were also invited. Also scheduled were Silver Slipper comedian Sparky Kaye and actor Robert Alda.

Unlike other resorts along the Strip, the Silver Slipper was strictly a casino operation. It offered neither hotel nor motel accommodations. It's appeal was chiefly to tinhorns and grinds (small bettors) who liked to visit the fabled Strip with their shirts open at the neck. When a part of the Last Frontier Village was demolished for the New Frontier, the Silver Slipper expanded and became its own casino separated completely from the New Frontier.

The Silver Slipper became known as an "inside crowd joint," frequented by Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and other members of their "clan," who liked to decorate the craps tables of the more informal joint when they were appearing in shows elsewhere on the Strip. Jack Morris was listed as one of the co-owners of the casino.

Vegas was the host in the 1950s to many top nuclear physicists, gathered for the A-bomb testing at Yucca Flats, along with national and international press, radio and even television people. The scientists especially, were butts of many satires in typical burlesque form of their mutually dubious enterprise of blowing up the world.

In July of 1957, everyone was surprised when Pat Yankee took the night off for her birthday and Maitre 'd Nick Bunghero took over. Bunghero exposed a very romantic baritone and his ability was truly amazing. The talk was his rendition of Don't Take Your Love From Me.

Barry Ashton

On August 23, 1957, the world premiere of the "Joker is Wild" was held at the El Portal Theatre. The movie's star Frank Sinatra attended the event as well as Joe E. Lewis, whose life Sinatra portrayed in the movie. Hank Henry, who had a featured role in the film, took off time from the Silver Slipper to appear at the El Portal's sidewalk as the "Barker" for the movie. All proceeds from the premiere was turned over to the Variety Club's Tent No. 39 Heart Club.

In 1957, Slipper showcased Eddie Fox's Happy-Daze Revue starring Hank Henry/Kuldip Singh/Patti Waggin/Joe Cowan/Joe Shaw/Mac Dennison/Jimmy Cavanaugh/The Slipperettes/George Redman & his Orchestra. In July, Slipper showcased Parisienne - Calypso Revue starring Hank Henry/Caprice/Norman Erskine/Sparky Kaye/The Peop-ettes/Jimmy Cavanaugh/Mac Dennison/The Silver Slipperettes/George Redmand and His Orchestra. In October Slipper showcased Carnival of Girls & Laughs starring Hank Henry w/Jimmy Cavanaugh/Marcia Edgington/Nickey Frances/Nancy Hall/Sparky Kaye/Loyd Lindroth/Silver Slipperettes/George Redman & His Orchestra. The Lounge showcased Pat Yankee.

In March of 1958, Chick Ross was granted a percentage license in the Slipper.

In 1958, Slipper showcased Eddie Fox presents Cabaret Revue of 1959, starring Hank Henry/Barbary Coast Boys/Jackson's Chimpanzees/Danny Jacobs/Sparky Kay/Red Marshall/George Redman's Orchestra/Slipperettes; Eddie Fox's New Orleans French Quarter Revue starring Hank Henry/Kim Athas/Jimmy Cavanaugh/Mac Dennison/Peggy Dietrich/Sparky Kaye/The Pudgets/George Redman & His Orchestra/Roberto/The Slipperettes; and Eddie Fox's French Follies of 1958 starring Barbary Coast Boys/Hank Henry/Danny Jacobs/Sparky Kaye/Annie MaloneyAnnie Maloney/Red Marshall/Sally Rand/George Redman & His Orchestra/Slipperettes.

The Lounge showcased Toni & Harry Wham.

Sparkey KayeMarquee for French Quarter


In 1959, Silver Slipper advertised her 24 hour chuckwagon buffet serving over 1 million people last year. The Chuckwagon breakfast was $.98, Chuckwagon lunch was $.89, and Chuckwagon dinner was $.98.

Chartered Flights

The Slipper also advertised chartered flights on late model twin engnie aircraft with competent pilots.

From April to May, 1959, Slipper showcased Hank Henry/Sally Rand/"Slapsy Maxie" Rosenbloom/Joey Cappo in "All Star Revue" w/Red Marshall/Danny Jacobs/The Silver Slipperettes/George Redman & his Orchestra. In June of 1959, Slipper showcased Paris or Bust starring Hank Henry/Sally Rand. The show was produced by Eddie Fox. Also showcased in the show were The Appletons/Dick Weston/Sparky Kaye/Red Marshall/George Redman and his Ochestra. The lounge showcased Peggy Dietrick, Toni & Harry Wham.

Hank Henry

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