Pair O Dice

Hotel Last Frontier


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Pair O' Dice/Frontier to 1942

Frontier 1943 to 1949

Frontier 1950 to 1967

Frontier 1967 to 1969

Frontier 1970 to present

2000 Plans for the Property

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"Mr. Frontier" Mort Saiger

Delores "Dees" Alwes - 1949 Chez Paree Petite Adorables entertainer Dolores (Dee) Alwes shares memories of her tenure at the Frontier together with some pictures from her personal photo album.

Frontier/Moulin Rouge Chips - Why do they look so much alike?

Dick Taylor Read Dick's memories of Doc Bayley's involvement in this resort.

Click Here for some employees listed during 1969, 1970, and 1971.

Go to my bios page to see bios on R.E. Griffith, William Moore, Herb McDonald, Doc Caudill, and Doc Bayley

Other Names On Property/Descriptions

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