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This site was one of Yahoo's Picks of the Week 12/6/99 which stated "Lastly, have we mentioned that you should probably bet your entire lifesavings on roulette? It's easier than you might think. Grab a player's suite at Circus Circus, score yourself a free icy Corona, sidle up to the felt, and slap it all down on 32 Red. If you lose, no biggie (it's a moot point), and if you win, it's jalapeno popper platters all round. While you're at it, brush up on your Las Vegas Strip History by exploring a detailed timeline devoted to the First City of Sin. Well, maybe it's not the first, but it's certainly the glitteriest. Is that a word? Who cares, it's Y2K! Las Vegas Strip History - let it ride."

This site was also listed on Yahoo's Cool Links Page stating "Provides a history of the Las Vegas Strip with a look at some of the visionaries who created it."

This site was mentioned on Internet Today stating: " Last Updated : Tue, Dec 14 09:52 PM EST The Las Vegas Strip - Claiming to be the most detailed history of the Las Vegas strip on the Internet today, this site shows the evolution of the buildings and casinos on the famous strip from its early beginnings through to the present day complete with pictures. See how owners, architects, designers, interior decorators, and employees have attempted to attract customers through changing styles and with imaginative gimmicks in a fiercely competitive real estate strip."
Creative Chances
December 14, 1999

This site was mentioned on Web Today Destinations on December 14, 1999. Chris Hughes of Web Today stated "The Las Vegas strip is sort of an icon representing the lengths to which American excess will go. The strip is as visually identifiable as Manhattan's skyline, Mount Rushmore or Niagara Falls but unlike those locations the strip is in a constant state of change. Buildings rise and fall in Las Vegas like mushrooms in a damp basement so it's a testament to the relentless publicity machine, fueled in large part by pockets emptied in hopes of a quick score, that it remains so universally recognizable. Las Vegas Strip History is an amazing exploration of the ever-changing face of Nevada's most famous city. At the site's home page you'll find a nice overview of Las Vegas' early history but that's just the start. Once inside you'll find pages that focus on specific Vegas monuments including the Sands, the Desert Inn and the Riviera. Each page is packed with historic photos and authoritative, fascinating text. Please note that the site's author, due to the popularity of his pages, is in danger of going over his bandwidth allocation and asks that visitors refrain from saving the images found here to disc."

This site was mentioned on The Scout Report for Social Sciences on December 14, 1999. It states "Created by amateur cultural historian Deanna DeMatteo, this site offers "the most detailed history of the Las Vegas Strip on the Internet today," showing in words and graphics the evolution of the properties on the Strip from its beginning to the present. Drawing on materials provided by publications, professional Las Vegas historians, and the Nevada State Museum and Historical Society, DeMatteo offers a detailed, noncommercial history with plenty of photographs (many archival) of the strip from the first night club in 1930 named Pair O Dice to the first true casino hotel, El Rancho with 63 rooms in 1941, to Hilton's giant Paris Las Vegas opening earlier this Fall with 2,914 rooms. There is also a special topics section, covering people significant in the strip's development, such as Warren "Doc" Bayley and Howard Hughes. Launched in August, the Website is continually updated with new material. Note: to reach table of contents, click on the photograph at end of the homepage.."

This site was mentioned on December 16, 1999, on the United Kingdom site Guardian Unlimited. It stated "Viva Vegas - Visit the capital of tack and learn about its history at the Las Vegas Strip History website, Beginning with pictures of the first nightclubs in the 1930s, the site takes you through to the corpulent extravagance of latter day developments such as the Circus Circus and hotel "re-creations" of Luxor's pyramids and sphinx, and this year, Paris (with mini Eiffel Tower). and Venice.
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December 18, 1999

This site was listed as Number 2 on the January 9, 2000, "10 Things You Can Do On The Net This Week", on the Learn the Learn The Net website.

This site was mentioned on January 19, 2000, on the United Kingdom site Big Empire. It stated "Las Vegas Strip History - This site's a knockout! If you are interested in the history of the Las Vegas Strip, including the casinos that are no more, or what used to be where, you need to check out this site."

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February 21, 2000

This site was mentioned on February 20, 2000, on the Australian site H.M.C. Staff It stated "Las Vegas Strip History. A comprehensive and fascinating history of the gambling industry in America.."
Blue Ribbon Award
April 10, 2000

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April 26, 2000
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May 31, 2000

This site was mentioned in December, 2000, on the Los Angeles Conservatory Site. It stated "The best Las Vegas History site The Best site covering the history of the Las Vegas Strip from 1941 to today. Updated almost daily, loaded with photos, amazing. Los Angeles architects Wayne McAllister, Martin Stern, Lee Linton, William Pereira, George Vernon Russell, Armet & Davis and. . . submitted by nichols"

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